Satellite Broadcast

185 Countries. 55 Languages. 14 Days.

One client developed a two-week event that included global transmission. We built 12 temporary Digital Betacam edit bays, captured hours of live video programming daily in 55 languages, and constructed and managed a temporary satellite uplink facility with 13 transmission paths in multiple standards - all in a national sports complex in another country. Each day, we produced the live event, edited the programs into language versions, and coordinated the satellite transmission on 13 uplinks for 22 hours to over 185 countries.

So what can we do for you?

Fresh Air Media provides simulcast teleconferences in many forms on various distribution networks. Recently, Fresh Air produced satellite events for the Elephant Room I & II, the Association of Christian Schools International, Mars Hill Church, Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, Harvest America, HDR Engineering and other diverse groups. For many of these events, Fresh Air provided the video production along with the satellite delivery. Our experience with stage design, live-event production, segment pre-production, and satellite distribution means one phone call - and it's done.